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“The 12-member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, a villain in past decades, has lost much of its punch.”

Falling prices: Take advantage of the cheaper oil and gas

The fall of oil and natural gas prices is a boon to U.S. consumers and the economy. Americans should enjoy the break while it lasts. Lower prices at the gasoline pump and in utility bills puts more money in everyone’s pocket, …read more

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First American Oil Well

American oil history image of Edwin Drake, right, standing with his friend Peter Wilson, a druggist in Titusville.

Although the original wooden derrick, equipment and engine house were destroyed by fire two months after his historic oil discovery along Oil Creek, Pennsylvania, Edwin L. Drake rebuilt at the original site, which today is a park and museum. Drake, right, stands with his friend Peter Wilson of Titusville. Photo courtesy Drake Well Museum.

American oil history begins in a woodland valley along a creek in remote northwestern Pennsylvania. Today’s U.S. petroleum exploration and production industry is born on August 27, 1859, near Titusville when a well specifically drilled for oil finds it.

Considered America’s first petroleum exploration company – the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company of New York …read more

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Safety Offshore: Halliburton diver servicing a blowout off the coast of Louisiana early 1950s

In oil and gas safety is priority #1 and that was certainly true back when offshore production was still in its infancy. Demand for oil skyrocketed when the United States ended rations on gasoline at the end of World War II. Oil companies responded to meet this demand by drilling …read more

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Developing Technology: Humble Oil (Standard Oil) offshore rig 1950s

By Kim Fischer Each new drilling project continued to redefine the boundaries and limitations of offshore drilling. In 1963 Shell Oil surprisingly shared its revolutionary deepwater drilling technology with its competitors in a now legendary “School of Industry.” Their effort to bring their competitors up to speed fueled demand for deepwater leases beyond …read more

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Stellar Amenities: Halliburton workers prepare a well deserved meal early 1950s

By Kim Fischer Working offshore meant working in close quarters with the rest of the crew and eating whatever was available. After a long, dangerous shift it’s safe to say any meal was welcomed with some down-time and conversation. Courtesy of the The Sloane Gallery – – 281-496-2212 …read more

Source:: Oilman Magazine – Your Voice in Energy News Feed