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Everything is connected.

20052 h 08 min

U.S. energy giant Connex is losing control of key Middle East oil fields in a kingdom ruled by the al-Subaai family. The emirate's foreign minister, Prince Nasir has granted natural gas drilling rights to a Chinese company, greatly upsetting the U.S. oil industry and government. To compensate for its decreased production capacity, Connex initiates a shady merger with Killen, a smaller oil company that recently won the drilling rights to key petroleum fields in Kazakhstan. Antitrust regulators at the U.S. Justice Department have misgivings. A Washington, D.C.-based law firm is hired to smooth the way for the merger. Bennett Holiday is assigned to promote the impression of due diligence to the DoJ, deflecting any allegations of corruption.

Director Stephen Gaghan
Runtime 2 h 08 min
Release Date 23 November 2005
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