Cenovus to lay off upwards of 2,000 employees

Over the next two months, Cenovus is planning to lay off upwards of 2,000 employees, with the first round of layoffs expected in early February. After the first round of layoffs, more cuts are to follow in a couple of phases in later February and March. The affected workers will receive termination notices by phone, [Read more]

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Oil price, JOG, Savannah, Eco, Getech, SDX. And finally…

Oil has settled, WTI is $53 and Brent $56 today, Opec+ adherence is good and will be 100% as even Iraq behaves. JOG has had a significant uplift in contingent resources and the company are set fair for the farm-out process this quarter. Savannah had a good update yesterday and I have had a chance to interview Andrew Knott. Eco ...

98 kilometers built within Power of Siberia gas pipeline’s section between Kovyktinskoye and Chayandinskoye fields

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Oleg Aksyutin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee – Head of Department at Gazprom, and Igor Kobzev, Governor of the Irkutsk Region, had an extended meeting in Irkutsk today.

The meeting reviewed, among other things, the ongoing efforts for creating the Irkutsk gas productio...

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Column: Billions of people at risk from heating fuel shortages? BORING. What’s Tesla stock up to?

In today’s fascinating new media world, where social media updates us every second on anything relevant, our attention span gets weird. Especially under lockdown, when those streams are our only entertainment that isn’t on Netflix. Things I pay attention to in the ‘news’ are bifurcated, or maybe tri-furcated: sensational, bombastic stories like for example anything [Read more]

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Rethinking ESG: Enverus Releases Analytics Empowering Industry and Investors to See the Unseen

Austin, Texas (January 26, 2021) — Enverus, the leading energy SaaS company, has released ESG Analytics, an objective, accurate and transparent evaluation standard for environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmarks and scoring for the energy industry.

As the topic of ESG evolves, much like the energy industry itself, there are opportunities to rethink ESG. Wall Street is sending a ...