The Make Or Break Factor For Electric Vehicles

There is no carmaker without an EV plan--usually a costly EV plan. Volkswagen, by far the most ambitious among them, has plans to pour $66 billion (60 billion euro) in EVs and hybrid cars, eyeing 75 EV models and 60 hybrids by 2029. The question is: who will buy them? The noise that the media make about electric vehicles is ...


Puente Oil at Los Angeles Harbor

Picturing California petroleum history in a family album.

Although it’s just an old photograph from a major southern California port, a single photograph of Los Angeles Harbor tells a tale about both U.S. maritime and petroleum histories, including the story of Puente Oil Company.

Seeking to preserve her father’s years as an employee of the Los Angeles Harbor ...

Source: American Oil & Gas Historical Society

Natural Gas Prices Crash On Warm Weather Warnings

Spot prices for natural gas fell sharply on Friday as forecasts for warm weather spooked traders who were hoping for increased demand heading into what is normally cold season in the United States. Natural gas prices were trading down 7.52% on Friday afternoon at $2.313. And the loss wasn’t just on Friday. Natural gas prices started out at ...