Recent milestones and changes justify revisiting the state of US Lower 48 LNG export applications. And positive datapoints signal that the mood among the US LNG crowd is becoming more bullish. For the state of the Alaska LNG Project, read this detailed post by William FletcherThe large number of applications submitted to the Energy Department to export LNG- together with the recently quickened pace of approvals- comes late in the US shale gas revolution, which has been driven primarily by plays like the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus and Fayetteville. Shale gas drilling in Texas, Louisiana,
Free Handbook. Over 3,000 pages. September 2014 edition. Extensive and in-depth.http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/socratic/sinst/book/liii.pdfIf you are involved in any way with Industrial Instrumentation, you may find it useful to download this free handbook. This includes anyone involved with Instrumentation upstream on offshore oil platforms, downstream in refineries, or any other place where instrumentation is used.At over 3,000 pages, the Table of Contents alone is 21 pages long.Here are the chapters listed in the Table of contents, without the subsections:1 Calculus2 Physics3 Chemistry4
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Like a lot of other oil producers, Ecuador is seeing flagging levels of output. One field holds promise to reverse that, but its development has become controversial. In this week’s Oilgram News column, At the Wellhead, Quito correspondent Stephan Kuffner discusses the challenges facing the field’s development.——————————Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa once chastised oil officials that his “Citizens’ Revolution is characterized by doing things extraordinarily well and extraordinarily fast.” No case highlights the gap bet
Risco Energy inks $101.4 million deal to acquire Galoc Production Company, which has a 33 percent operating interest in Galoc oil field in Service Contract 14C offshore the Palawan in the Philippines.
Inpex to upgrade facilities at Koshijihara Plant in Niigata prefecture, Japan to enhance the rate of natural gas and condensate recovery at the Minami-Nagaoka gas field.
Soldiers and police have clashed in the last few days near Libya's biggest El Sharara oilfield in the south, while separate fighting erupted in the west not far from the Zawiya refinery, residents and medics say.
PTTEP to acquire a 20 percent interest in Concession BM-ES-23 in the Espirito Santo Basin offshore Brazil from Shell.
Indonesia's upstream regulator SKKMigas expects the Banyu Urip oil field to commence full production in February 2015 as development work nears completion.
The audience for CRUDE cartoons is growing more all the time. The cartoon CRUDE can not only be seen in the Texas Eagle Ford Shale Magazine, The Oilman Magazine, The Bakken Business Journal, The Oilfield Journal (Permian Basin), The Rocky Mountain Oil Journal, Oilpro.com, but also in The Lamesa Reporter, Marshall News-Messenger, Panola Watchman, Weatherford Democrat, Mineral Wells Index, My Big Lake, My El Dorado, Levelland News, Edmond Sun, Kingfisher Times, Longview News, Corsicana Daily, Victoria Advocate, Artesia News, Del Rio News, Minden Press Herald, The Dickenson Press, and The Bowie
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Fairmount Marine successfully tows newbuild FPSO Petrojarl Knarr to the Norwegian port of Haugesund from Samsung Heavy Industries' Geoje Shipyard in South Korea.
Certainly when considering issues of safety, the human costs of injuries and fatalities pile far higher than any monetary value in medical expenses or legal settlements can state. But for any company, safety is also a matter of economics; not just in protecting its employees, but in protecting its property as well.Capital losses from equipment theft and vandalism affect an operator’s bottom line in ways they often don’t anticipate. Though long term operations in the coal mining industry seem firmly on top of security issues, the newest operations of the oil and gas play in North Dakota are
German industrial giant Siemens AG is close to making an estimated $6 billion cash buyout offer for Houston gas turbine and energy equipment maker Dresser-Rand Group, beating at least one other suitor, according to media reports.
Eni is two-for-two this week.Yesterday, I reported that Eni made a significant oil discovery offshore Angola in Block 15/06. Today, Eni announced another significant oil discovery- this one off Ecuador at the Oglan-2 exploration well located in Block 10, approximately 161 miles southeast of Quito.The well was drilled to a TD of 6,450 feet and encountered a 236 foot net crude oil column. During a production test, constrained by surface facilities, the well flowed at 1,100 bopd. The data acquired in Oglan well indicate a production capacity per well up to 2,000 bopd. Eni says it will immediatel
Hi all,I am interested in hearing from Oilpro members on networking groups for IT professionals or general/open networking groups here in the Houston area. Thanks for your help.
Just posted a blog on OilPro about the results COSL (China Oilfield Services) found by retooling our product suite adding value through bundling integrated services to our customer base. In the report I found some outstanding results and increased profitability, but we operate mostly in the eastern hemisphere. However, from Western prospective, what are the downsides to bundling all the drilling services into a single value proposition? Here we offer the customer the whole enchilada from geophysical through completion services. Sure its a tougher sale but we're working on that. I am curious
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I’ve been working in the oil industry for five or six years as a heat engineer. In preparation for graduation as a chemical (petrochemical) process engineer, I recently chose the main theme of my research and study: the future of technology in oil and gas treatment. For example, I am looking for information about super effective catalysts for catalyst cracking, or the deepest treatment for bitumen, heavy oil, etc.Thanks a lot for your answers.
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Do HR practitioners in oil and gas take any responsibility for educating their expat and offshore workers on personal wealth management? Seems to me they are the ones most exposed to mis-selling.
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How does a Quality Assurance and Quality Control engineering firm in the construction industry break into the G&O industry to perform Code Compliance testing and inspection within the US?
I have been on a quest to find a task management system that will work for me. So far I have not came across any I really like. So far Evernote has been one of the better ones. So I am curious, what software do you use in your daily life to help you keep track of the major and minor tasks?
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Richard DowneyUnatego Area Landowners AssociationMedia enablers with preconceived ideas about what’s politically correct help propagate fracking junk science, forcing the holders of facts to play catch-up.Recently the Oneonta Daily Star used several research projects and data from Pennsylvania’s DEP to editorialize — “It’s Still Too Early To Say OK To Fracking.” The tag for the editorial echoed Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai’s response to President Nixon’s question about the effects of the 1789 French Revolution. “Too early to say,” Zhou replied. How appropriately ironic.F
How does this impact the permeability of a formation containing gas? What if the formation contains oil & gas? Is the relationship Kg/Ko severely affected?
Hello dear colleagues,Can someone answer regarding oil and gas companies in the U.S.that have sponsorship program for people wishing to emigrate? Is there a database with a list of such companies?![enter image description here][1]Very grateful for answers. Wish you all a nice day and work safely.Sincerely, Anders Nilsson [1]: http://opstatic.com/img/usermedia/w3fBTUSnHkG_AiEZNKw1fg/original.png
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If you're a completion engineer involved in hydraulic fracking, or even a geophysicist overseeing microseismic data regularly: How much value do you get from microseismic results? How does that influence your frac design/planning decisions?
Oil and Gas Professionals.I worked in the industry on the Marcellus Shale in Wellsboro PA for a few years in college. I was fascinated by what I experienced even though I only experienced a very small portion of the industry. I am a financial planner now, but I am posting here to try and learn more about the industry as a whole. I want to learn what makes it so different from other industries and understand the things that oil pros deal with that others don't. **What is a workday in your O&G life like?** I hope to hear from people that work in all sorts of roles in the O&G industry. I did
One intriguing method for improving the ultimate amount of recoverable oil that I've read about in academic literature is using ultrasound/sound to introduce pressure waves into reservoir rock.How often is ultrasound actually used in the field? If it is used frequently, in what circumstances is it used?
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The goal of bonding is to ensure that all companies performing oil and gas activities under the jurisdiction of BOEM provide adequate financial resources to protect the U.S. Government from incurring any financial loss. Each offshore lease is reviewed to ensure the working interest owners have adequate financial coverage to provide for the performance of all lease obligations. The U.S. Government requires financial security to protect itself when an operator and/or the lessees are unable to fulfill their requirements on: rent, royalties, environmental damage, cleanup and restoration activiti
In my particular case, this question is purely for fun, though I hope the answer will help those with more "serious" intentions!This weekend, I will undertake this home decoration project:http://www.primermagazine.com/2013/learn/make-this-giant-map-frame-for-only-30This looks really great, and I'm thinking that technical blueprints would look great also. In fact, the same site offers blueprints for an assortment of devices, but nothing in oil & gas:http://www.primermagazine.com/2013/live/free-art-download-8-vintage-patent-designsSo, my question is: does anyone know where one could download
It is great to see the optimism in the recently approved energy reform, but why was the industry nationalized in the first place?
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I'm hearing that a number of medium-sized subsea cable firms based in America are being targeted by an as-yet-unknown Asian energy firm as part of their expansion out of oil and gas. This could potentially lead to a lot of new jobs in both America and (I would guess) China!Has anyone else heard anything on this? I'm fully supportive of any deal that creates new jobs but am wondering if it is a rumour 'doing the rounds' elsewhere. This comes from an industry analyst in Hong Kong whom I have good reason to trust, but I'd like it confirmed from other sources before I start considering how this c
In my experience, big O&G project frequently experience some sort of delay and cost overage as compared to initial expectations. Outside of simply padding the budget, I'm curious if the project managers on Oilpro can share any tips, technology, or methods they've found helpful in avoiding project cost and time overruns once FID is made and the project enters the execution phase.
I am novice to remote sensing for exploration purposes. Can anyone share any information, links, or documents for satellite image requirements (multispectral) for remote sensing?
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Is anyone on here using MZ-9 mud pumps? If so, what are the operational limitations/issues?
Do you have your own company, or work at a startup focused on O&G? What are you working on? - I'd like to learn about some of the innovations entrepreneurs are bringing to the industry.
How viable are onshore fields drilled pre-1960s in the US if we use modern extraction technology on them? Now that > 50 years have passed, how viable are those old reservoirs in the US if we tried to extract oil from them with modern technologies?Are there many reservoirs that have been long abandoned but never tapped again? Or are they being sucked dry over and over again as extraction technology improves?
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Does your organization offer short-term incentive, or STI, compensation? If so, what type of performance measures are used? For purposes of this question, I'm defining short-term incentives as compensation for completing short-term goals (performance period of one year of less). Performance measures might include financial metrics (e.g., revenue growth) and/or non-financial metrics (e.g., improved safety), and can be assessed at the corporate and/or business unit level.Thanks!
After reading about [surging frac sand use in shale][1], I wonder if it is possible to use untreated ocean / beach sand for fracking?signed: the Uninitiated [1]: http://oilpro.com/post/6867/just-got-real-sand-constraints-impact-bottom-line-biggest-frac-co
Is there demand for further water supplies in Texas for fracking, oil production and refining, and if so at what price? How well supplied is the market and is water an activity bottleneck in some areas like the Eagle Ford or Permian Basin?
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