Strong Oil Indicators

Oil prices took a beating this past week news broke that the EIA (Energy … as well as for those in the United States Oil ETF (NYSEARCA:USO) and … …read more

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The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission last week issued 1 drilling permit, 0 well completions and 6 well recompletions. By county, they were:. …read more

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Fyzabad's Oil Boom —Part II

The outbreak of World War I in 1914 coincided with the birth of the oil age in Fyzabad. The production coming out of the new wells at Forest Reserve … …read more

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NIOC, Repsol seal oil sale deal

26 (MNA) – Iran’s oil exports to Spain have climbed by three million barrels per month upon signing short-term contracts with Cepsa, Respol as well as … …read more

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FX And Oil Week Ahead: Opportunities Post Brexit

Economic data really did not matter this past week, with the UK referendum vote making even Janet Yellen’s speeches during the week of low … …read more

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Here's what to expect from oil post-Brexit: S&P Global

On the other hand, the drop in oil prices may well be the result of a temporary flight to safety in the market and represent a good opportunity to pick …read more

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Oil company seeks to double wells in Orcutt

A plan to double the amount of oil wells allowed on a parcel in Orcutt will be discussed Wednesday by the Santa Barbara County Planning … …read more

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